Technical Support

AAM produces a wide variety of differential cases and assemblies for the aftermarket. Each is designed to the exacting specifications of the OEM vehicle manufacture. Each differential assembly is built to OEM specs because they are the same units made for OEM production use. The TracRite® GT is a helical gear designed limited slip style differential. The torque bias is proportional to the throttle, providing a smooth application of torque to the wheels. Since this differential uses helical gears, there are no clutch plates to wear and no friction additives are needed. The TracRite® GT is compatible with ABS, traction and stability control systems. When you want your vehicle to perform like the OEM it is, use the OEM replacement parts made by the original manufacture.


  • Before differentiation occurs, gear radial and thrust forces generated by the torque on the gears cause frictional forces in the differential between the gear to gear interfaces and gear to case interfaces
  • Once the frictional forces are overcome, differentiation will occur
  • The torque will be continually biased, by the frictional forces, to the high traction wheel
  • Torque bias ratio is tunable by modifying helical gear geometry
  • Torque to turn (pre-load) is tunable by adjusting the amount of spring pre-load
  • Increases traction effort on high mu wheel through the multiplication factor of the TBR. Higher TBR of limited slips increases the amount of torque that can be transferred
  • Compatible with ABS, traction and stability control systems
  • Applicable to front or rear axles, and transaxle / transmissions