Technical Support

Eliminate Come-Backs
Only original equipment quality components are guaranteed to meet the same specifications as the parts they replace. OE components mean performance to the vehicle manufacturer's standards ... to satisfy customers and eliminate come-backs and rework. In addition, AAM Aftermarket's OE components help you:

  • Guarantee the job. From noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) to proper fit, AAM O.E. quality components help you stand behind your work.
  • Help justify costs. Tell your price-shopping customers that, unlike others who quote based on less-than-reliable "built-to- spec" parts, you provide genuine O.E. quality components. Your customers will be more satisfied with a quality job that can help assure a better-performing, safer-running vehicle.

Keep Promises
Reflecting AAM's commitment to the repair market, we maintain a distribution center stocked with a large inventory of O.E. quality components. That means we can deliver the quality parts you need, when you need them.

Full-Service Support
Whether you need installation guidance or help choosing the right component, AAM's full-service staff puts you in direct touch with AAM's team of product engineers.

It's all part of the AAM Aftermarket's OE QUALITY ADVANTAGE - only from AAM.