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AAM Announces Two Product Supersessions

Posted: February 1, 2017

American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) announced two product supersessions. 

11.5 " Rear Axle Open Differential Case with Internal Gears

  • Effective immediately, the part number for the open differential case with internal gears for the 11.5" AAM rear axle will be superseded from 40101020 to 40146894.
  • This change will be in effect for both the GM and RAM 11.5" rear axles. This differential case will cover the 2001 - 2016 GM applications and also cover the 2003 - 2016 RAM truck applications.
  • The change in the part number reflects a change to a set screw for holding the cross pin versus using a snap ring. The external case has all the same dimensions and internal components as the 40101020.
  • All existing open orders for the 40101020 differential case will be changed to the 40146894. 
  • We will have inventory available to fill all backorders and take new orders by 2/1/2017.

40049437 - 8.6" - 3.08 Ratio Gear Sets

  • Effective immediately, the part number number 40049437 8.6" 3.08 ratio gear set will change to part number 40127810.
  • All current orders for the 40049437 will be cancelled and replaced with the 40127810 part number.
  • We expect to have inventory available to fill current open orders and take new orders the week of 1/16/2017.

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