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AAM Announces New Ring & Pinion Gear Sets for 2016 and newer RAM 3500 Trucks

Posted: December 5, 2017

AAM is pleased to announce new ring and pinion gear set kits that fit the 11.8” rear axles for the 2016 and 2017 RAM 3500 pickup trucks. RAM built a limited quantity of RAM 3500 Pickup Trucks with an 11.8” ring gear rear axle and a 6.7 L Diesel. You will be able to identify this axle by the “11.8” marked in the webbing of the carrier. 

You will notice these new ring gears have a 16 hole bolt pattern compared to the 12 hole bolt pattern in earlier model 11.8” gears.

Below you will find the new ring and pinion gear set kit part numbers. 

Part Number Description

D118373GSK2 3.73 ratio ring & pinion gear kit
D118410GSK2 4.10 ratio ring & pinion gear kit

The new part number sequence designates the “D” is for Dodge. The “118” is for the 11.8” ring gear. The “373” denotes the ratio. The GSK indicates this is a Gear Set Kit. The “kit” means it contains the pinion nut, spacer and pinion seal as well the ring and pinion gear. The “2” designation means it is the second version of this gear set. 

Because these new pinion gears have unique threads, we will also include the pinion nut, collapsible spacer and pinion seal packed with the gear sets.  

Pinion Nut - #40126149
Collapsible Spacer - #40011051
Washer - #40003255
Pinion Seal - #40113398
Ring Gear Bolts - #40133130

The new 16 bolt differential case is part #40149229 and is now in stock. 

The master bearing kit for the 2016 and newer 11.8” rear axle is part #74067024. 

The same 11.5” aluminum cover pan kit also fits the rear axle with the 11.8” ring gear. The part number is 74030017.  

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