Technical Support

An installation guide sheet will be included in each AAM gear set, indicating the gear type (two-cut or five-cut).

The set up of a gear set can be accomplished by first measuring the carrier pinion depth. Install measuring tools and tighten to 18 in. lbs. Take a reading and determine required shim for proper pinion location. After installing the pinion shim behind pinion bearing, install in axle and tighten.

Install differential case assembly with ring gear into axle. Set-up side bearing load and backlash per OEM's service manual.

When setting backlash, the rule of thumb is 0.004".

If the pattern needs to be moved heel-to-toe or toe-to-heel, adjust backlash only. Do not change pinion shim.

The pinion shim only gets changed if the pattern is high or low between the root and crown of the tooth.