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Axle Results

Axle Shafts

Axle: Axle Shafts

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AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeSide L/R# of TeethLength
7L3Z4234BFordF150, MARK LT2004 - 20089.75" Rear AxleR34 Locate
7L3Z4234DFordF-150, Mark LT2004 - 20089.75" Rear AxleL Locate
F75Z4234MBFordF-150 Super Crew Cab, Heritage, Expedition/Navigator2001 - 20109.75" Rear AxleL3433.61" Locate
Differential Cases - Traction Enhancing

Axle: Differential Cases - Traction Enhancing

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AAM#Vehicle MakeYearAxle TypeAxle Ratio# of TeethNotes
9L3Z4026FFord2001 - 20129.75" Rear AxleAll34 / 1.37"Trac-Loc Plate Clutch Limited Slip Differential View Locate
Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

Axle: Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

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AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle TypeAxle RatioNotes
3L1Z4209AAFFordF Series UNDER 8500 GVW1997 - 20049.75" Rear Axle3.08 Locate
8L3Z4209KAFordF Series, Explorer, Expedition, Econoline1997 - 20049.75" Rear Axle3.55 Locate
CL3Z4209CFordF-Series over 8500 GVW2009 - 20169.75" Rear Axle3.55 Locate
CL3Z4209DFordF-Series over 8500 GVW2009 - 20169.75" Rear Axle3.73 Locate
Differential Gear Kits

Installation Parts and Kits: Differential Gear Kits

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AAM#Vehicle MakeModelYearAxle Type
9L3Z4215CFordF-Series under 8500 GVW, Lincoln Mark LT, Expedition/Navigator2003 - 20119.75" Rear Axle View Locate
E2UZ4215AFordF250(1984-85) E100 TO E350 (1984-1997)9.75" Rear Axle View Locate