Technical Support

AAM produces a wide variety of differential cases and assemblies for the aftermarket. Each is designed to the exacting specifications of the OEM vehicle manufacture. The TracRite® EL is an electronic locking differential design that allows for maximum torque transfer to the wheels and then to the ground. The simple dog clutch locking mechanism can be activated by a manual or computer controlled electronic switch. When it is unlocked, this assembly works like a normal open differential. When you want your vehicle to perform like the OEM it is, use the OEM replacement parts made by the original manufacture.


  • In unlocked mode functions as a normal open differential
  • Simple dog clutch locking mechanism
  • When the actuator is energized linear motion is created pushing the dog ring towards the locking side gear
  • Once the dog ring and side gear are locked together differentiation can no longer occur. At this point both axle shafts rotate together allowing maximum torque to be transferred to the ground
  • The dog clutch design employs many locking teeth, which allows for optimal strength and quick engagement times
  • This same clutch design feature allows for quick disengagements with minimal torque lock
  • Non-contact positive feedback sensor available
  • Manually activated and / or computer controlled