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AAM Announces New Components for the 2014 RAM 9.25" Front Beam Axle

Posted: July 12, 2016

American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) announced new components for the 2014 and newer model year RAM 9.25" front beam axle. Many of the major component parts were changed. 

New gear sets include:        

  • D925342GS-1                     
  • D925373GS-2                      
  • D925410GS-2                     
  • DPW925410GS

The part numbering system for these gears is new. The letter "D" indicates this is for a Dodge. The 925 in the number means it is for a 9.25" ring gear size axle. The next three numbers indicates the ratio. The "GS" means this is a gear set containing only the ring and pinion gear. The -1 or -2 suffix designates the model year version of the application compared to previous size and ratios.

The ring and pinion gears are new for the 2014 and newer models but still use the current pinion nut, seal and spacer as previous years.

  • New Open Differential / 40089797 / Differentials will be available to ship after 6.20.16
  • New Cover Pan / 40087998
  • New Cover Pan Gasket / 40089793
  • New LH Axle Shaft Assembly / 40104193 / Not yet in stock - availability to be announced
  • New RH Axle Shaft Assembly / 40104194
  • New Pinion Flange / 40112849
  • Pinion Seal / 40017140
  • Master Bearing Kit / 74067022

Will fit back to the 2003 models as it will contain the pinion seal unique to the RAM trucks

There is also a new lower ball joint for the 2014 front axle. The ball joint kit for this new axle is in stock.

 The new version of the AAM925 beam axle can be identified by the 9.25" cast into the top of the carrier web on the driver's side.


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