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American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) A Global OE Heritage
A global, tier one automotive supplier, with facilities in the United States, Brazil, China, Germany, Poland, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand and the United Kingdom, AAM manufactures automotive components known for their quality, reliability and durability. With decades of experience in the design, engineering, validation and manufacturing of driveline & drivetrain systems, chassis systems, and metal formed products for trucks, sport utility vehicles, passenger cars as well as crossover and commercial vehicles. AAM is a leader the industry in OE driveline and chassis components. We stand behind our quality policy - "To provide products and services that totally satisfy the customer."...

Built into every AAM component...
AAM designs, tests and validates components to the vehicle manufacturer's exact specifications. Our manufacturing operations - from heat treating and sealing to gear cutting - use proprietary processes and methods. For instance, AAM gear-cutting technology assures that a specific gear-box meets the exact noise vibration- harshness (NVH) characteristics established by the vehicle manufacturer. That's why use of non OE axle components may result in unwanted noise, vibration, or sub-standard handling.

Listed below are key features and advantages built into AAM OE front and rear axles:

  • PowerDense® gear sets
  • Vehicle-tuned NVH characteristics
  • Full lab development and validation
  • Multi-lube compatibility
  • Extended-life seals
  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • Mass-optimized components