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Differential Cases and Assemblies-Additions and Updates

Posted: May 13, 2014

AAM Aftermarket Team announces changes in the product offering for differential cases and assemblies including TracRite traction enhancing differentials for GM and Dodge Ram truck, van and SUV applications.

These differential cases and assemblies are the same products made by AAM manufacturing plants and used in the assembly of axles used for GM and Ram OE production vehicles.

We are adding 4 new part numbers to cover current 7.6” and 8.25” front drive axle applications.

We are also adding 4 part numbers for new applications of the 2010 and newer Camaro. These differential cases cover the 195MM, 218MM and 250MM rear drive axles.

Make sure you give your installing customers the right product to fit the right axle. Use the same OE parts that your truck or SUV was made with in the beginning. Your customers will spend less time installing these differentials and have fewer comebacks making for a more satisfied installer and vehicle owner.

Your AAM Aftermarket Sales Team - 04/24/2013

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